My experience in Paragliding has given me the best performance and results for world cup competition, the ability to master my emotions in emergencies, to give discipline and organization in my training. Also, I’m a passionate person who goes to the end of my goals and ideas.
Since 2011, Skydiving and Base jumping are my new passion and put me so close to the dream to fly like a bird.
Wingsuiting is new and could be the futur of the real human flight. In this flow, we are excited to create new projects…
With my co-partner, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, our goals is to create new ideas, new style of flights and new communications. All about this, could be in movies, pictures, project,…
Already some videos and commercials did with Jean-Baptiste Chandelier!
I let you discover all projects on the Portfolio page or click just above…


Photography is also a big part of showing the dream to fly!
We are a dream team of photographers, loving to fly and shoot. Tristan Shu, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier and I, we are working hard to raise all outdoor sports… Team with #FujifilmXT2
Happiness is a revolutionary system for living a great life and give the success.
“Be happy” is my mentor saying, helping for life and business, I wanna give this flow at everyone.

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