Magazine de la Santé France 5
Healthy Show TV French

Report on health magazine from France 5 (french channel ) to show the addiction of sport. Timing: 8min 9sec audience: around 800 000 showers



SEAT commercial French TV channel Canal+



Seat use our video for a french tv  advertising. The video will be every evening during one month in the « Grand Journal »  show on canal+ channel. There 4 videos during the show, in total, will watch it 36s of paragliding every evening.
Audience : around 1 400 000
Pilot: Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
Camera: Blue Max Media
Tandem pilot / assistant production: Guillaume Galvani
Music: Zikali

M6 ( French tv ) shows Touch & kiwi experience

Small report on news 1245 from M6 (french channel ) to indroduce the new video « Kiwi experience ».
check the replay here at 00:18:

timing: 18s
audience: around 1,5 million

Riding Zone ( French TV )

Riding zone  ( french TV / Channel FranceO ) made a long report about JB’s works

and really happy to be part of the team.

Check the video on this link :

 timing: 11mins